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The interactive map of Perplex City was taken from the backs of puzzle cards from the the Perplex City alternate reality game. Those cards and therefore the map images are copyright Mind Candy Design. This is an unofficial, player-created site, and is not run by Perplex City or Mind Candy.

Perplex City Map - Help

About the Map

So, what is this thing?

It's an interactive map of Perplex City. It is an unofficial, player-created site, and is not run by Perplex City or Mind Candy.

Where did the map come from?

The map is taken from the backs of the Perplex City puzzle cards. Those cards and therefore the map images are copyright Mind Candy Design.

But you're using the images - are you infringing that copyright?

No, according to Mind Candy's IP Clause, scans of up to 60dpi (the maximum zoom level of this map) are allowed to be posted on the web.

How does the map work?

The map itself runs on the Google Maps API. The loading of the custom map images, as well as the searching, plotting and marker displaying functions have been built around the API.

Loading the Map

What browser do I need to use to access the map?

The map should work on IE 6.0+, Firefox 0.8+, Safari 1.2.4+, Mozilla 1.4+, and Opera 8.02+.

I can't see the map!

First, make sure you are using a compatible browser (see above). Secondly, you'll need to make sure you have JavaScript enabled, as the site makes heavy use of it.

I still can't see it!

Then I'm not sure what to tell you. Google suggest that clearing your browser cache might help. Failing that, contact me with the details and I'll look into it.

Using the Map

How do I get around the map?

There are a few ways to do this. The first is to simply click and drag, and move the map to where you want it. You can also make use of the arrow buttons in the top corner of the map panel to move around.

How do I zoom in or out?

The easiest way is to just double-click any part of the map to zoom in for a close-up. Double-right-click will zoom you back out. Or if you prefer you can use the zoom slider in the top corner. There are 4 zoom levels available, from the full 60dpi to a small size that should fit completely on most screens.

Searching the Map

How do I find a particular place I'm looking for?

Just type what you're looking for in the search box above the map panel and hit the Search button (or press Enter/Return on your keyboard).

I can't find what I'm looking for!

Try altering or simplifying your search. For example "Perplex City Academy" may not return as many results as just "Academy".

That's fine if I know the name of what I'm looking for, but can't I just see what is at a specific location?

You can - just click the "What's Here?" button and then click a point on the map. Locations near that point will be displayed.

And what if I just want to see all the locations? Can I do that?

Of course, there's a row of markers under the search box. Select one of those and all of the places of that type will be displayed. Keep in mind that there are a lot of places to display, so this could be a little slow.

I searched and some little icons appeared on the map. What's up with that?

Those are the search results. Instead of displaying a list of results, they are simply marked on the map for you. You can then click on any of the markers to find out what they are and get more information.

I found the location I'm looking for. Can I tell someone else about it / post it on forums?

You can. At the bottom of the info box when you click on a location is a "Link Here" link. Copy the address from that (Usually by right clicking and selecting "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut") and paste it wherever you want to directly link to the location.